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Welcome To the Ankobra Dojo USA Goju Karate


Ankobra Dojo was founded by Sensei Robert Rivers Jr. & his Son Sensei Matthew R. Rivers in the year of 1997 after being given permission by their Sensei

 Grand Master Sam McGee

Ankobra was started at the Edenwald Neighborhood Community Center located at 1150 East 229th. St in The Bronx, NY, which was under the Directorship of
Mrs. Jessie W. Collins.


It has always the been dream of Sensei Rivers to have a dojo that did more then teach Karate to the youth of the community, he wanted a place where they learned how to be men and women, how to be helpful to their community, how to be an asset to their community, a place where they could come to for help, help with their school work, help with their problems, help with their families.


We wanted a place where they felt safe from the stuff that they go through each and every day.

Therefore we started Ankobra dojo.

It is there for the students young and old.


 Along the banks of Ankobra River lived a crocodile with two heads, but one stomach,  which both heads shared. Sadly the two heads would fight over which would eat the food they caught. Not understanding that whatever benefits one would benefit the other


Those who shear the same destiny must work together


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